Drawing Conclusions Freebie

Introducing drawing conclusion couldn't be easier!  I sure wish I had thought of this when I was in the classroom.  Using riddles to draw conclusions, is a fun and simple way to either introduce the concept or improve it.  Since drawing conclusions is needed at all grade levels and for all subjects, these skills are extremely important.  It is a complex skill and it will develop over time. 

Drawing conclusions is a big part of third and fourth grade on my campus.  This new product is created for K-2 teachers to use to begin to build that skill with their students. 

A tractor!

 A simple trick to cut the inside- simply fold the paper in half (see the fold above).  Cut the diagonal lines on the fold.
 I included a blank frame for students to create their own riddle and have their classmates draw conclusions.  This is a higher level thinking skill and highly encouraged to practice.  This will allow you to know for sure if a student has mastered the skill. 

If you down load this, please leave feedback and if willing send me pictures to use on the blog! 

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  1. Unable to print it. It takes me to a data chat spreadsheet


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