Inspiration Sunday

John Maxwell is the author of this quote.  He says, encouragement is the oxygen to the soul.  We can all use a pat on the back.  Everyone needs a cheerleader on their side.  A person who stands beside them when their world is turned upside down.  Encouragement brings out the best in people.  The simple truth is people tend to become what the most important people in their lives think they will become.  How have you influenced others lately?  Have you inspired someone to be come better?  Do you believe in your teachers and staff? Bring out the best in the people you come in contact with this week.  The way to do this is through encouragement.  

People respond to people.  They don't just believe in you because you're the campus leader.  Build relationships that last.  If your staff believes in you as a leader, nothing will stop them.  Encouragement starts now!

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