Positive Behavior Punch Cards- FREEBIE

We all know the second semester of the school year can be the hardest.  We are getting into more difficult content.  With all that, comes more expectations.  With more expectations, comes discipline.  As educators, we can help the situation with positive behavior interventions.  One very simple way of keeping up and rewarding students is with punch cards.  Take a look...

 I created this freebie for you and your students.  It has punch cards for homework, Math Facts, I Read My Book, and Best Behavior.

The cards are a visual reminder to students.  As students complete the task, punch a space in the card.  When the student completes the card or the desired amount by you (the teacher), the student receives a prize.  If you need to make accommodations for certain students so they have less holes, simply punch out several at the end for the student.  

Cards are large so they can be easily found or placed in a notebook or pencil bag/box.  The cards can also be placed in a pocket chart since they are "punch strips."

Download Punch Strips

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