Grade 4 Writing STAAR Prep

 The Writing STAAR will be here before you know it.  We just finished our last benchmark for writing.  The first set of pictures you see is from a class observation I did a few weeks ago.  The students use colored-pencils for revision and editing.  In February, this is routine to all the students.  They complete the tasks with ease.
Green colored pencils are used to circle the first letter of each sentence.  A red colored-pencil circles the punctuation at the end of each sentence.  A yellow colored-pencil is used to indicate each sentence in the paragraph that is on topic.  

If you are from Texas, you all know we are taking some tests online this year.  We are preparing for that by training on laptops.  I trained the teachers last week on how to use the online system for benchmarking so students are familiar with it on the actual STAAR day.

Data day is this week and we will look over our benchmark data and score the compositions using a rubric.  The rubric is kid-friendly and can be used to score narrative or expository type compositions.

If you need other STAAR materials, I have some others located on Teachers Pay Teachers.  

What do you do to prepare for the STAAR test?

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