Hollywood STAAR Theme Parent Night

With it being both OSCAR and STAAR Testing season, I created a parent STAAR Night resource.  Do you have a night for parents to come to the school and learn more about STAAR?  If so, I have some great resources for you. 

Posters: OSCARS
Outstanding Students Can Achieve Results

 Bulletin Board- NOW SHOWING Oscar Worthy Performance
Decorate the halls and classroom for Open House or Parent Night
 Have students wear VIP passes.  Another idea...students earn a VIP pass for coming and bringing a parent.  They can cash the pass in for an easy participation grade in the gradebook or homework pass!
 Editable Parent Invitations are included.  Just type in your info in the text boxes.
 If you're having a presentation for parents, just add your own text to the blank powerpoint slides. 
Hope you love the Hollywood Theme and have a successful parent night.!

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