Math Fluency

Subtraction can be fun!  I observed math tutoring in two second classrooms today.  Students had a scoot game sheet in hand.  Desks were numbered and a subtraction card was placed on each desk. Music filled the room.  The joy of practicing math facts was priceless.  Students scooted around the room until they answered each math fact.  

An incentive for being the first five to finish...a trip to the treasure box.  Who doesn't love the treasure box!
Thanks Mrs. Rester and Mrs. Ramirez- Loved the class observation. 

Scoot is a great way to keep students engaged in the lesson and have fun learning or practicing previously taught skills.  If you are looking for more ways to keep students engaged in the classroom, take a look at my Interactive Student Engagement Activities resource.  There are 30 activities to keep students engaged as well as increase student participation.

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