Second Grade Compare and Constrast

Have you heard of GoNoodle? It is a website with tons of brain breaks for your classroom.  The students love them.  Just a short brain break really does your students a world of good.  It gets the wiggles out in a fun and interesting way.  I observed in a second grade reading class Thursday morning.  The students started the lesson with a few yoga stretches and then a tight rope exercise.  Sorry about the blurry pictures...I had trouble keeping balance myself.  

This brain activity had students bend down and scoop up "happiness" and drop it on their heads.  I loved it and so did the students.

After a few quick minutes of brain breaks, it was off to a compare and contrast of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.  Take a look...

The teacher, Andrea Smith, used Primary Junction's printables.  She read the passages to the class and asked questions along the way.  Building comprehension is of high importance in any grade level.  The students were given orange fact cards and used highlighters to locate the facts.  For example, did George Washington like math or did Abraham Lincoln like math or did they both like math.  This activity helps students locate evidence in the text.

 Both Presidents were born in February.  The student located the evidence in both Washington and Lincoln. 
 The students then placed their cards on the Venn diagram.

I hope you enjoyed a look in a second grade class!

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