Wrestle the STAAR Like a PRO- Class Engagment Game- Grade 4 Math

This is guaranteed to be fun!  It is a great review for the dreaded MATH STAAR and the everyday norm.  The class is divided into teams and will wrestle to solve the answer.  Not really physically wrestle...wrestle their math skills. 

 How to Play: Divide your class into four equal groups.  The students stand together and solve the problem.  One person from the group is the speaker.  Once the group solves the problem, the speaker displays the answer.  If correct, that team gets one point.  If incorrect, no points are earned.

 Who Plays Against Each Other:
 Below are the team drawing cards.  The teacher draws two cards and the teams begin to solve the math problems.  Prior to playing...copy the TEAM drawing cards at least 5 times and cut them out.  Mix them into a pile and place upside down.  The teacher picks up two cards and the two teams chosen will "wrestle."  For example, Team Spartan and Team Crusaders will go head-to-head.
 There are 30 questions to solve.  The team with the most points wins!  This packet includes the new math TEKS and some financial literacy questions too.
Other options:  Instead of playing as a whole group, play in small groups of 4.  This would be a great tutoring activity too.

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