A Busy Week in the Principal's Office

We are getting ready for a STAAR Parent Night at school.  It's a Hollywood Theme night.  Parents are invited to attend the classroom for a presentation about STAAR.  For example, parents can see the latest benchmark their child was administered, how they can help at home prepare for testing and examples of the rigor of STAAR.  You can get a copy for your school, here.
 My award from a few weeks ago came in the mail this week.  I have to say I'm pretty in love with this award.  I've always loved Renaissance products over the years so to be awarded by the company is a great honor.
A teacher on campus had a fantastic idea to have a 70's STAAR Fever Pep Rally.  Last year, you may remember everyone dressing up as Rock STARS.  The year before that we were all NERDS.  This year we will all be groovy in our tie dyed colorful clothes.  How do you pep up the students for state testing?

With all the testing coming up, I managed to start working on the teacher binder for 2015-16.  I just had to after seeing Michelle's design from The 3 am Teacher.  I couldn't resist the purple and gold.  The teacher binders I purchased for next year are orange so I thought the purple would pair great with the orange.  
Take a minute and look at the preview on TpT.  I think you will be pleased with over 60 pages of teacher binder resources.

I hope everyone has a great week as we move into STAAR testing.  


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Wrestle the STAAR-Are you ready to RUMBLE?

I think I might be in love with my new game for STAAR.  I created Wrestle the STAAR for 4th grade and it was a big hit that several requested Wrestle the STAAR for 3rd grade.  So there you go... it was born!  Take a look at the pictures from a third grade class. Before you head down and look at all the pictures, this resource includes some of the new TEKS, plus financial literacy questions.  

Students are divided out into groups around the room.  Two teams go head-to-head to solve the answer.  The team who raises their correct answer card first gets a point.

Team Extreme works diligently to solve the answer and then they show their card.  This teacher added the sound "Are you Ready to Rumble!"  She also decorated her class to give it more excitement.

I think you will be very pleased with the rigor of questions.  It is very comparable to STAAR but in a fun way.  This will get your students away from the worksheets for a day and typical review and actively participating in solving the problems.

Another option- place students in groups of 4 and have each player play against another player.  This would be a great resource for intervention classes, tutoring or small group instruction.  There are many alternatives for your class size.
What's so great about a class game? It allows students of all levels to participate and feel part of a team.  As a teacher you have the opportunity to divide out the class so each team is evenly matched up.

Do you need the sound for Let's Get Ready to Rumble?  If so, here it is for your class.
Let's Get Ready to Rumble

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Five for Friday

It has been a rainy and cool spring break.  I spent the first part of the week in bed...sick.  I went to a clinic and tested negative for the flu.  Days later...still not 100% but all week I managed to work on some wedding stuff, some STAAR stuff, and managed to decorate for spring around the house.

I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching today to bring you Five for Friday.  I don't have five so it's four for Friday from me.  Hey, I'm fine with that.  That's how I roll.
I finally updated my STAAR resources.  If you purchased the previous version,  just go and download the new one.  It has the NEW TEKS!  I think you will like the new one.  It has a section for data and charts as well as the new financial literacy TEKS.

 My daughter's wedding will be here before I know it.  I purchased a cool tool to help cut circles.  The wedding is Kate Spade theme...lots of gold and glitter.  At Hobby Lobby, I picked up scrapbook gold-glittery paper and cut them into circles.  No need to purchase a bag of them when I can do it myself for half the cost!

I can't wait for spring to arrive.  Since it is still dreary out, I lightened up the house with a few spring birds and a tulip table runner. 

This was an article in the paper this week.  I was informed just last week about it.  What a nice surprise.  Renaissance Learning provides tools to accelerate learning.  We use Renaissance Learning products on our campus and throughout the district.  You maybe familiar with Accelerated Reader, STAR Reading, STAR Math, etc...  If so, Renaissance Learning is the founder of these products.  The last paragraph of the article is my favorite.  "I am proud of my teacher's dedication to excellence and the gains they have made."  I'm so blessed to lead a school of wonderful teachers, students, and parents.  


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STAAR Ready Task Cards- NEW TEKS

I spent my snow day yesterday updating two of my best sellers: STAAR Math Review for third grade and STAAR Math Review for fourth grade.  I added 8 new task cards with new content plus some questions for financial literacy.

Both of these packets are on the top sellers for my store.  The feedback is positive from teachers all over Texas.  If you are looking for other STAAR materials, check out my store.  I have two of my two newest products on the front page for you to see.  Just look under Featured Items!


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