Wrestle the STAAR-Are you ready to RUMBLE?

I think I might be in love with my new game for STAAR.  I created Wrestle the STAAR for 4th grade and it was a big hit that several requested Wrestle the STAAR for 3rd grade.  So there you go... it was born!  Take a look at the pictures from a third grade class. Before you head down and look at all the pictures, this resource includes some of the new TEKS, plus financial literacy questions.  

Students are divided out into groups around the room.  Two teams go head-to-head to solve the answer.  The team who raises their correct answer card first gets a point.

Team Extreme works diligently to solve the answer and then they show their card.  This teacher added the sound "Are you Ready to Rumble!"  She also decorated her class to give it more excitement.

I think you will be very pleased with the rigor of questions.  It is very comparable to STAAR but in a fun way.  This will get your students away from the worksheets for a day and typical review and actively participating in solving the problems.

Another option- place students in groups of 4 and have each player play against another player.  This would be a great resource for intervention classes, tutoring or small group instruction.  There are many alternatives for your class size.
What's so great about a class game? It allows students of all levels to participate and feel part of a team.  As a teacher you have the opportunity to divide out the class so each team is evenly matched up.

Do you need the sound for Let's Get Ready to Rumble?  If so, here it is for your class.
Let's Get Ready to Rumble

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