Fabulous Engagement Party

We had a great day celebrating our daughter's engagement party with our future son-in-law.  They will be married next month.   We decided not to have a typical wedding shower.  The couple wanted a party to celebrate their engagement with family and friends.  It was absolutely beautiful.
 The party decor was inspired by Allison and Jack's wedding theme.  Our theme for the wedding is called Kate Spade.  It is black and white striped with pink and gold accents.  The engagement party is a great way to celebrate with everyone.  A typical shower is typically for the women.  This party was for all the men too.  I loved it because her dad and brother could join in on this special day.
 The cakes were delicious and absolutely gorgeous.  You just can't beat strawberry cake or chocolate cake.
 As you can see my future son-in-law, is slightly A LOT taller than my 5 foot daughter.
 Above are a few pictures of some of her sweet friends who hosted the party.  She is very blessed to have these ladies in her life.

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