Shabby Chic Binder- Editable

I'm in love with this new look!  SHABBY CHIC BINDER was inspired by a wonderful fashionista who is very popular right now.  I love the colors but I also love that it is practical because it is totally editable.  I have inserted text boxes that allows you to add cover titles, insert info in the boxes on the calendars and type notes.

There are some binder extras: Birthdays, Passwords and Notes.  These are also editable.  Just use the text box that I inserted and just add your own info.
 The Shabby Chic binder can be used by teachers, principals and counselors.  The binder spines are included in two different sizes - 2 inch and 3 inch   I think it would be great if all teachers, principals and counselors on the campus used the same binder.  I love organization and when it is all coordinated campus-wide...that's even better.

The calendars are editable too.

Download Shabby Chic Binder

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