Children's Bill of Rights

The Children's Bill of Rights (Child Poverty Report) can be located here.  Below is the Bill of Rights according to a study of the six dimensions below.   
I was thinking if I had to write a Children's Bill of Rights...what would my 6 dimensions be?

 All children need to be able to go home to a safe place where they feel loved.  As adults, we want this for ourselves so why not for children?  Children who are nurtured early in life learn better in school.  They are also more emotionally developed than non-nurtured children. 
 Good nutrition in the first years of life is important on the child's future.  Good nutrition and health plays a key piece in physical and mental health and academic achievement.  When the basic needs such as sleep and food are not being met, a child cannot learn.  Children who come to school hungry often go to bed hungry.  There are 15.8 million children under 18 in the United States living in household where they are unable to consistently access enough nutritious food necessary for a healthy life.  Being deprived a consistent and healthy meal, has the potential for long-term consequences.
 Love changes everything.  Love has the power to change lives in incredible ways.  Telling a child they are loved can change who they are, what they know and who they will become.  It gives them someone to trust.  It tells them they are important.  It provides joy.  It gives hope.  It gives meaning to their life. L-O-V-E One of the most important things we can ever do for children.
 There is some indescribable and incredible power of a wonderful teacher.  One teacher can impact a child in a positive or negative way.  Students come in the classroom facing many obstacles such as poverty, abuse, academic short falls, etc...  Many children have made it out of very difficult situations because  of a teacher.   A teacher who comes in the classroom passionate about the job has the power to inspire. A teacher who cares about the children in the classroom enters the doors each day ready to teach and ready to inspire.

When children feel they are valued as important, they begin to value their own life and the life of others.  They fully realize the inherent value of life and more likely to make the most of it.

What are your Bill of Rights for children?

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