How to Create Animated Pinterest Previews

Well it is no secret that I love Pinterest.  Pinterest is a great resource for ideas but it is a great place for me to market my TpT store.  I figured out how to created animated Pinterest previews.  Watch this video of my animation.

Now you want to see how to do it?

Use this website to get started...  It is very simple and quick.

Here are the steps!
1.  Upload your images.  I picked 4 images of a Shabby Chic Teacher binder
2.  Leave the canvas setting sizes at 100%.
3.  Play around with the speed of your animation.  I picked 3400 milliseconds but you can go slower or faster.
4.  You can add music but if you are going to use this in Pinterest the music will not play.  I skipped the music part because it was not necessary.
5.  Choose- CREATE GIF ANIMATION and download your file.

6.  Now go to Pinterest and insert a picture as you normally would be the picture or file you need is the one you just downloaded. 

I hope you find this helpful.  I would love to hear back from you on how it worked for you or if you have other tips for marketing!

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