Ways to Use Instagram in School

Instagram is definitely my favorite social site.  You can follow me on Instagram here.  If you are having a school wide event or something in your classroom, parents can get involved with Instagram.  Parents can post their own pictures of their own children for the class to view.  It's a great tool to organize all your pictures for the school year. 

Schools can get involved in using Instagram.  It is a great way to market and promote what's going on in the school.  It is also a great way to communicate with parents.

Ideas for using social media:
1.  Showcase student work.
2.  Awards Program
3.  Feature of the week/month
4.  Capture and share pictures from open house, back to school, school events, awards, etc...
5.  Parents who cannot attend or be on campus can still feel apart of the fun.
6.  Keep parents, grandparents, etc... informed about what is being taught at school. Example, science experiments, social studies displays, math strategies, etc...
7.  A short video segment of a music performance or school assembly.
8.  Student presentations
9.  Book Fair, school picture day, grandparents events, etc...
10.  Classroom small group activities

Education has become a lot more technology driven and fun.  It can play a valuable tool in education. 

Disclaimer:  Before using any student photos online, you need to:
1.  Find out your district's policy for sharing student photos online.
2.  Get parent consent in writing.
3.  Respect the rights of the parents/guardians.
4.  Set a classroom account that is private.  Carefully select your followers.

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