Eliminate Excuses

Eliminate excuses. period!  Sounds simple, right?  In the school system, it seems as though we want to blame the system, the parents, the economic status of the students, the state accountability, the lack of funding, etc...  These are all excuses.  These items listed above and many more are difficult but should be considered more as a challenge.  When we think of them as challenges instead of circumstances, our minds are more wiling to accomplish the task.

Trust me there are times when it seems as though the cards are stacked against us.  I received an email from a fellow Texan principal yesterday and she explained how she was moved from her campus of six years to a new campus just three weeks from the start of the school.  She had her campus ready to go and then suddenly was asked to take on a different campus.  Her cards were stacked against her but she went in with the determination to get the job done.

We can make excuses or we can make it happen!

Principals and school leaders and inspiring leaders- Our lists are long.  Our days are long.  Our minds never shut off.  We take criticism.  We make tough decisions.  We can multi-task.  We are creative people.  Use your talents to get it done this year.  Eliminate the excuses.  Get the worries out of your head and focus on the situation in front of you.  We can do this!  We have each other.

If you truly want to succeed, don't give yourself a way out!  No excuses.

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