Lift or Drag in the Workplace?

Are you a "Lifter" or a "Dragging" force?  In our lives, the people around us lift us up or they can easily drag us down.  I am blessed to be surrounded by people who are "lifters."  In all honestly, I cannot function for very long around negative, half-glass empty type of people.  I think that is not anything different from everyone else.  We all work better surrounded by people who inspire us, hold us accountable, and find happiness for our successes.  For example, people who lend a hand, give advice, make you smile by sharing something funny and quick to cheer you on. 

I wouldn't be where I am without these people.  You probably have plenty of people in your life who are the lifters, movers and shakers. 

However, there is probably someone you know or been around that just seems to be a drag.  They criticize, have a negative attitude, complain, and simply seem a force of complete miserableness.  I'm sure these people mean well, and they don't even realize they're providing so much negativity. 

Which are you?  Are you the lifting force or a dragging force?  As I think about this myself it makes me be more aware of my own behavior.  I try to be a positive person and see the good in all situations.  I hope to always lift those around me. We all have our good days and bad days so I'm not saying I have it all together.  I don't.  However, a positive attitude helps me cope.  It gives me joy and happiness. 

In the workplace, being a lifter is greatly needed.  The benefits of a positive workplace provides a message of success.  It helps us achieve our goals and attain that success.  It produces more energy.  Positiveness increases your faith in your own abilities and those around you.  It not only motivates and inspires you but everyone around you too.

When life smiles at you, smile back!

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