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Are you on twitter?  There are so many great educators, bloggers, principals and educational consultants on Twitter.  Check out my go-to list for great ideas and support.

George Couros @gcouros
Jason Markey @JasonMMarkey
Michele Corbat @MicheleCorbat
Todd Whitaker @ToddWhitaker
Melissa Kartsimas @TeacherMelissa
Jessica Johnson @PrincipalJ
Eric Sheninger @E_Sheninger
Spike C Cook @DrSpikeCook

Why should you use twitter if you are a principal?

1.  It is free!  It costs you and the school nothing to use.
2.  It is a great way to excite parents with a positive message.  Why not celebrate our successes with our parents?  Twitter can do that for you.
3.  As principals, we should be constantly growing and learning.  Twitter has a wealth of resources for professional development.
4.  My favorite-a great way to connect with other school leaders.  I love to see and hear about what other principals are doing.

These are just a few of my reasons to use twitter.  What are your reasons?

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