Back to School Principal Ideas

Over the past several weeks, I have been updating some of my files.  When I look at some of them, I just cringe at the sight of some of them.  Hey, we all have a starting point, right? 

Yesterday I worked on my Parent Flipbook template. If you need a template, this is an easy to use format.  Just open the file and add your own information.  Then copy each page on a different color and assemble.  Easy Peasy. 

If you are starting this school year and need some ideas, I have several items to help you get started.


I know offer the teacher binder and matching principal binder in purple and gold.  

My newest item for principals and school leaders is the Classroom Observation Notepad.  If you want order one, you can get this on Teachers Pay Teachers or Etsy.  If you are ordering a large supply, please email me so I can get you the best deal on shipping.
Teachers Pay Teachers- Classroom Observation Notepad

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