Classroom Observations Notepad-Loving It!

I have had a great support for the Classroom Observation Notepad.  If you missed the blog post about it, read all about it here.  They are listed on two shops: Teachers Pay Teachers and my ETSY shop: Lovely Leaders.  I have several requests for multiple notepads.  While TpT is great, ETSY has a shipping calculator that allows you to purchase several notepads while keeping the costs down. 

I love waking up in the morning and seeing 10 orders to be filled! 
What a blessing.
I am very thankful to everyone who is supporting my small business.  I am flooded with emails and requests.  I love customizing orders for you and looking forward to sharing wonderful resources with all my blog friends. 

If you are interested in ordering a Classroom Observation Notepad, please head over to ETSY or TpT.  If order multiple copies, Etsy shipping will be the best. 

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