Love Your Staff- Morale Boosters for the Year

Why not let those who work on campus know all the great things they are doing?  Inspire and motivate teachers each month.  Let's stop just celebrating our successes during Teacher Appreciation Week.  We all know this happens in May.  Let's do at least one activity a month.  Try using Teacher and Staff Morale Month-by-Month to get you started.

If you are an educator, you know all too well the challenges and feelings of being overwhelmed.  The result of that is morale goes to the dump.  What can you do as a school leader to change or boost morale?

Last week I asked several of my friends on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter what they really need for school.  #1 Teacher Morale activities-- listed several times. 

 As you can see you don't just get ideas in a list format.  You get the idea and the printables to make it look fabulous. 
Boosting morale on campus helps student achievement.  Teachers who are enthusiastic and genuinely enjoy their job will have better academic scores.  As an administrator, we want a building full of happy teachers.  It is critical that we recognize the value of teacher morale.
Each month just pick a day and print the activity.  The treats are not included but they are all very practical and economical on the budget.  The activities are also very easy to implement.  This saves you the time to do all the "principal" things we are required to do and take care of our people too.

Now are you ready to get started?  Print the Staff and Teacher Morale Activities Month-by-Month!

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