Principals or School Administrators on Periscope

I follow and read tons of blogs.  Most of them being teacher blogs.   I have learned so much through some fabulous teachers around the world.  Just recently I learned all about periscope.  Well, when I say "I learned all about it."  I mean I know how to download the app and locate my friends.  I have been viewing tons of Periscope videos and I have to say I love it. 

What is Periscope?  It is the closest thing to teleportation.  It gives users a way to watch a live video broadcast.  For example, I have viewed a teacher on her back porch giving a tutorial on how to create a product.  I have viewed another teacher sharing how to create a Terms of Use page in her products.   Just today I watched another teacher share her home office with her viewers.  It's fun and a great way to connect.  However, are there many "principal or school administrators using Periscope?  I would love to connect and we share ideas!  

I would love to discover your school through your eyes.  We can share experiences with each other.  Now I haven't been brave enough to make a "LIVE video" yet but I wouldn't mind if you did and I watched.  HAHA!  I would be more willing to make a video and then have the opportunity to redo it if it sounded corney or I totally made a mess of myself.  There is just something about going live that puts a little fear in me.   Let's give it a try administrators!

Follow me on Periscope @principalsteph1 and I will follow you too!

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