The Leadership Test

I shared this quote several years ago after attending a presentation by Nelson Coutler at our local service center.  He is the author of the book Leadership Tools for School Principals

It's called the Leadership Test.  
As you begin your year as a principal either for the first time or you are an experienced administrator, this Leadership Test quote is still valuable.  Our job as a school administrator is complex.  Everyone wants to give you their opinion or fuss at your decisions but little want to step into your shoes and do the job.  However, what you can fall back on is this...Am I doing the right thing at the right time for the right reasons.  If so, that is all that matters. 

Stay focused on what's important.  To me, my important pieces are student success and the quality of instruction.  Don't be a back seat driver on your campus.  Be the leader the campus needs this year.  Step up and lead your students to success.  The strongest message you can send to your faculty, parents and students is seen through your behaviors, words and actions.  If you want your teachers and students to perform, you must lead in such as way that they want to follow your lead. 

If you really want to start a movement on your campus, have the courage to lead and show others how to lead.  When you find someone doing something great, stand up and join in. 

Pledge today to stay focused on the right things this year!  Be a positive leader who sets the example for the campus through your actions and attitude. 

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