What is an Instructional Coach?

What is an instructional coach?  Do you have one on campus?
An instructional coach is someone who supports the teachers by providing evidence-based practices in the classrooms through professional development trainings and modeling in the classrooms.  The goal of an instructional coach is to improve student achievement.  An instructional coach is valuable and a big asset to the campus.  I love the idea of someone devoting their day teaching teachers.  Their presence on campus impacts hundreds of children.  Just imagine having one on campus and the impact on instruction.  It's a win-win.

A while back I asked some of my friends on Instagram and Twitter what products do they need this year to make their lives easier and productive too.  Several asked for anything to help our Instructional Coaches.  Therefore, the Instructional Coach Binder was born.

 Three different binder covers included

 16 Divider Covers
Professional Development, Notes, Campus//District Goals, Calendars, Coaching Schedule, Classroom Observations, RTI, Passwords, Trainings, State Standards, Classroom Schedules, My Checklists, Teacher Meeting log, Best Practices Strategies, Plan of Services and a Coaching Log
 Calendars (with dates) August-July
https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Instructional-Coach-Binder-1941221 Several Forms Included too!
Coaching Log, Notes, Agenda, Checklist, Professional Development Log, Passwords, Team Goals/Data Meeting 

If you're an instructional coach, feel free to comment below more about your job.  If you are starting out in this career path, I hope you find this Instructional Coach Binder helpful. 

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