Classroom Observation Notepad Giveway- Winner Listed

It's been a great week reading all the feedback and comments regarding The Classroom Observation Notepad.  The notepad will be a big help to you as an administrator.  If you are like me and use an ugly, yellow legal pad, this will be such a blessing.  I remember walking down the halls and going in several rooms.  Hour later, after several classrooms observed, I had to try and make sense of my notes.  This makes it all so simple.  Now the notes are organized on the page and all that is required now is to write it up in a formal way.  For me, my district uses an electronic system.  If you are wondering why not just bring the iPad and document while in the classroom.  Good question.  When I'm in the classroom, I like to pay attention and move around the room.  It just works better for me to be "part" of the classroom rather than "observing" in the classroom.

So the winner of the Classroom Observation Checklist Notepad is...

If you want one for yourself, I have plenty in stock this week.  My printing company worked extra hard getting my inventory stocked and ready. No shipping fees! 

Order your notepad by clicking here for Etsy or here for Teachers Pay Teachers.

If you missed the blog and want to learn more about the Classroom Observation Notepad, click here.

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