Classroom Observation Youtube Video

I created a YouTube video!  Oh-mmm-gee I think I deleted about 10 of them before I just said..."forget trying to be perfect."  My earring fell off in one of the videos.  I started laughing so hard that I had to just delete that one too.

Here is my YouTube video about Classroom Observation Notepads.  Please be kind.  It took a lot to do this. The video is filmed in my home office which is decorated with oil field paintings and deer hunting trophies.  I share this office with the hubs.  My side is a little more feminine...well just the desk part. 

Great things are happening on Principal Principles!  I hope you continue to follow me along my journey.

Order a Notepad Today on Teachers Pay Teachers or Etsy

The first issue of Principal Principles newsletter went out this morning.  I love it.  If you missed it, get on the list today.  Info on how to get a copy is listed below.

If you missed the sign up or the email when it went out this morning, no worries.  Here is a link to read it.  Don't forget to sign up to get the next one.  

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