Got Attitude?

Do you have an attitude problem?  A bad attitude or a positive attitude? 

Attitude can be the only difference between success and failure.  Of course, our talents, our intelligence, and our "in-put and out-put" has a lot to do with it.  We can't overlook that.  However, we can do almost anything if we put our positive mind to it.  (With the exception of bungee jumping, roller-coasters, sky diving and anything else that involves heights-it's not happening with this woman).

John Maxwell says, "There is very little difference in people, but that little difference makes a big difference.  The little difference is attitude.  The big difference is whether it is positive or negative."

I've said this once before but I will share it again.  Attitudes have the power to lift up or tear down a team.  If you want outstanding results, you need good people with great talents and awesome attitudes.  When attitudes go up, so does the potential of the campus.  When attitudes go down, the potential of success goes with it.

One of the best ways to motivate and encourage a positive attitude by your staff- Inspire them! 
Highly competent people do more than perform at a high level.  They inspire and motivate others to do the same.  See the good in your team.  Appreciate everyone for what they bring to the table.  Encourage them.  Help each person reach their potential.  Most people can tell when someone has faith in them.  I can tell.  Our goal as administrators is not to get people to think more highly of us but to think more highly of themselves.  Inspire.  Build a relationship with each one.  Create an atmosphere in which it becomes easier to succeed.

Attitudes will improve through your inspiration. 

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