We is greater than ME & Belief Systems

Have you heard this- We is greater than Me.  We all know unity makes a great team.  When we are all connected, we are stronger and more committed.  The true measure of success is not the value you create for yourself but the values that define you, your work and how you lead.

Leadership is about service.  It is never about you.  It's always about the mission and goals.  Your campus will follow you if you're prepared to get it done.  We greater than me is a simple concept.  But let's take a deeper look.  Mathematically, "we" is greater than me.  It will always be greater than me.  We greater than me revolves around teamwork.  Everyone working together.  No one person is more important than the other.  No one is insignificant either. 

Use your leadership position to unify your team and build a teamwork atmosphere. Sacrifice your own wants for the betterment of the campus.  It's not about what you want.  It's all about what the team NEEDS.  Notice I said "needs."  I think we something want things we don't necessarily need. 

As I write this I wanted to share some of belief systems that will support We is Greater than Me. 

The belief systems of We is Greater Than Me:
1.  Everyone believes they can make it happen.  It is a "We can, and we will" motto.

2.  Everyone believes we must be the best versions of ourselves so we can give our best to others.  Pursue excellence!  Don't settle for average.  Let's chase greatness from the moment we wake up to the time we fall asleep.

3.  Everyone believes we can have positive attitudes.  Our actions and attitudes can motivate or destroy a school.  We can't always control the events that happen but we can control how we react to them.  Attitudes are contagious.

4.  Everyone believes in collaboration and respect through sharing responsibilities and ideas.  Show you are committed and the team will too.

5.  Believe we are on the team to give more of ourselves.  We don't contribute to get something in return.  Do it for team, not for the applause.

6.  Work hard.  Believe that it takes hard work.  Reaching success won't come without a fight.  Be courageous. 

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