Banners for Classroom Observations

The classroom observation notepad banners arrived today! I think they turned out great.  They will be on display at my presentations and exhibit booths.  I have several other items on the way and look forward to sharing them with you as this adventure takes off. 

The feedback I'm receiving from instructional leaders all over the U.S. makes my heart so happy.  Today I received an email from someone who gave me permission to share.  Take a look at what Lauren Almanza had to say:
"Well it's safe to say, I absolutely love your notepad (it's almost out already so another order will be happening soon).  ALL OF YOUR admin things make my life so much easier!  It's the little things that make the difference (saves me a lot of time)!  Thanks!
- Lauren Almanza

Feedback on Instagram:
@texasstaarteacher says, "Leave it to me to get fancy with my classroom observations. I can not wait to use my classroom observation checklist this week.  Thank you!

If you want to get in on the fun and order, I have several in stock.  Thanks for all the wonderful support from all my family, friends and fellow school administrators.

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