Family Math Night K-3

Family involvement is extremely important.  A strong parent-school connection is a definite need.  However, trying to plan school events can be such a time consuming task.  The goal in hosting these events is to share fun ways parents can help their child at home.  The theme of this packet is making lasting math memories.  That is exactly what I have provided for you.  This year your family math night doesn't have to be daunting.  It can be a success with these activities.

The level of the games are designed with a rigor for parent-student success.  I created these activities with a wide range of ages for K-3.  The parent can take the idea of the game and apply it in a variety of other ways at home.  The games are all hands-on.  They require little prep for the night and are easy on the budget. 

Family Math Night is a wonderful way for you and your students to enjoy a fun and learning experience together.
 You will receive a list of games with the appropriate grade level, a welcome poster, parent invitation, table tents with the directions and a sign in sheet.
 14 games; 100 pages- Simple games that can be explained quickly or demonstrated easily.

Where should you hold the event?
A multi-purpose room on campus would be an ideal location to hold the event.  Other suggestions- library, cafeteria or gym.  Holding the event in one location allows you to be present at all times.  Holding the event in the classrooms would be fine except it is isolated.  A teacher may only have a few students attend whereas another teacher would have a full room.

Give parents plenty of notice by sending home the invitation.  A "Save the Date" in advance would be a great idea so parents have several weeks notice. 

I hope this packet is found as a big help and a time saver.  Let's enjoy a night of fun and games and discover the wonders of math together.

If you purchase, share pictures of your night with me.  I would love to showcase your school on Principal Principles.

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