It's in Production!

Good news, friends.  I am now producing my second notepad for Classroom Walk-throughs and Observations.  The original notepad is girly and great for female principals, assistant principals, instructional coaches, etc...  The new one is perfect for males or for anyone wanting a less flowery notepad.

Take a look:

It is in print production right now and will possibly be ready next week.  The notepad contains the following sections:

Student Engagement, Rigor Rate (Blooms), Instructional Strategies, Focus on Instruction, Environment and Culture, Classroom Management, Additional Observations, Note section, Conference required/not needed

Do you want to see it up-close and personal?  Check it out on YouTube.

The original Classroom Observation Notepad is in stock and ships daily! 

Let's have a little fun.  I am having a hard time naming this baby of mine.  The female notepad is called "Bliss" because of the colorful design.  Bliss is defined in the dictionary as perfect happiness; great joy.  I think it's a great name for the original classroom observation notepad.  

Help me name the more male-friendly or less female-ish notepad.  You could win one for yourself or your school administrator if your name is chosen.  The first one to suggest a name and I pick it- could receive a notepad!  Deadline to submit is Sept 9.  Enter here on the blog, Facebook or Instagram.  Make sure you tag @principalprinciples so I know you entered.

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