Principal Binder- A Must!

My Principal Binder is a must!  When I'm off campus for meetings or trainings, it is nice to have everything at my fingertips.  All my everyday items are tucked away and can be easily found in my organized binder.  All my other items are filed in my desk or computer.   This binder does not just help me when I'm off campus.  This Principal Binder goes with me to meetings while on campus.  There is nothing more frustrating to me than getting to a meeting and not having what I need.  That just doesn't happen any more. 

The blue file folders tucked away in the back of the binder are some "in progress" files.  As soon as I complete them, they too get filed in my desk or submitted to central office.  I created this system a few years ago and I just don't think I could live any other way. 

I also love the bright color notebook paper.  I found a set of it at Staples this year and think it looks fabulous in the front the binder. 

I use dividers with pockets to store things I'm working on at the time.  For example, the newsletter that is peeking out of the file was something I was working on but not quite ready to be printed.  I didn't want holes punched in it or have it filed in the notebook so I just slipped it in the divider. 

Here are some designs you might like:

How do you stay organized?  
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  1. Thank you I am looking forward to the information. I am actually a second year Principal, but honestly my first year I didn't know what I didn't know:(

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