The Impact of School Leadership on Student Achievement

What impact does a principal's leadership skills have on student achievement? It shouldn't be a surprise to you to know leadership does impact student achievement.  But how much does it really matter and to what degree does leadership impact student achievement?  That 's the question we should ask ourselves.

The number one determinate of the success of a student is based on teaching.  The number two determinate is based on school leadership. For you see, we have the power to achieve greatness each and every day.  Our leadership skills matter and matter BIG.  The power to change a school is in the hands of a principal.  The key to a successful school is a great principal.

I'm not here to share with you research, statistics, valued-added-quantitative research, and some great model of leadership.  There are plenty of books and research to be read already.

I'm here to share with you proven and effective ways you can positively impact your students and close the achievement gaps on your campus.  Always at the forefront of your mind is this- you have the power via your leadership position to revitalize your school.  Are you willing to do that?

If you have been a part of my blog for some time now, you know I'm a no-fluff kind of person.  I tell it like it is.  I'm all about student success and being the best leader possible.  So here goes.

 Vision...Set Goals...Provide Solutions

The three ways principals can impact student achievement.  Sounds easy?  Well it's not easy and if it was easy you wouldn't have been hired to do the job.  The district picked you for the job because they see this in you. 

You can be this visionary leader.  Inspire and share a commitment to excellence.  Strive for a vigorous pursuit in high student performance. 

Utilize your data to make informed decisions and work with your teams to develop a purposeful plan for growth.  Align your curriculum, instruction and assessments to your vision.  Stay focused on your goals.  Meet throughout the year so everyone stays on top of achieving the goals.  When you team faces challenges, lead the campus into discovering solutions to them.  

Create your vision.  Set your goals. Provide Solutions when your goals are challenged. 

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