Family Literacy Night School-wide Event K-3

Last week, I shared with you my Family Math Night School-wide Event for K-3.  I had some great feedback from it and many requests to create a Family Literacy Night School-wide event too.  So I did! 

Family involvement is very important.  Trying to plan school events can be so time consuming.  There is no need to re-create the wheel of finding the games, invitations, and organizing it from beginning to end. This year your parent involvement nights don't have to be a daunting task.  This can be used as is or you can add to it with your own ideas.  It can be the total package or a starting point.  What and How you decide to use it is up to you.
10 stations that are engaging and fun; 95 pages
Includes all the same components as the Family Math Night.
 Here is an overview of all the games and the approximate grade level. 
 Family Literacy Night has your welcome poster, table tent directions, parent invitation, sign in sheet and a letter on ways parents can help at home.
 Station 1- Sequencing
 Station 2: Punctuation Pockets
Station 3: Noun, Verbs and Adjectives Flipbook
Station 4:  Cause and Effect Match- decoder
Station 5:  Reader's Theater- Little Red Hen (includes pictures for acting)
Station 6:  Create a Comic Strip- Superhero
Station 6:  Puppet Station- includes printable puppets
Station 7: Read a Recipe
Station 9:  Bingo for a Book- includes 10 bingo cards and words
Station 10: Cootie Catcher- Story Talk

I hope you find this a big time saver.  Let's enjoy a night of fun and games, and share our love of reading with our students.

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