Reading Activities for K-1

I wanted to take a minute and share a fantastic resource for teachers serving PK-1st grade.  The authors are Dr. Jean and Carolyn Kisloski.  I like to think Carolyn and I are friends.  We have never met in person but I'm a big fan of her blog, Holding Hands and Sticking Together and her teaching style.  She is a kindergarten teacher in upstate New York. We talk and share through our blogs and Facebook from time-to-time.
I knew immediately I wanted to have a copy of her book, Dr. Jean's Reading Recipes. 

 I love this book for many reasons.  As explained in the book, Reading Recipes is like a cooking show.  The chefs get a basket of ingredients and are challenged to create something delicious.  Teachers can relate.  We are given our standards and asked to create some great lessons with it for our students.  The book is filled with great ideas which are all designed to make learning fun and engaging. 
Here's a picture of Carolyn.  The pictures throughout the book are of her and her students.  Reading Recipes gives you the activities AND then shows you what it looks like with Carolyn Kisloski's actual students. Love that!

Here are a couple of my favorite activities in the book:  Vocabulary Parade and Inference Bags

 I was a teacher of kindergarten students for several years.  I wish I had this book as a resource back then.  If you need practical ideas and easy to implement, this is your go-to book.  We could all use practicality in our classrooms.

If you are a principal or teacher for Kindergarten and First Grade students, you need to add this to your list to purchase. 

Visit Amazon to purchase- Dr. Jean's Reading Recipes

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