STAAR Accommodations Flipbook Made Easy- Updated for 2015-16

Accommodations Flipbook Made Easy has been updated for 2015-2016!  If you are from Texas, you know all too well the words "Accommodation Triangle."  It is overwhelming to go through page after page of the triangle sections.  Therefore, the flipbook was born.  It has saved me so much time and my teachers so much time too.  Take a look...

 The triangle of accommodations links are shown on TEA's website.  I took all the pages and condensed them into a quick-reference page for you. 
I print each page of the flipbook on a different color cardstock.  For my principal flipbook, I laminate it and then bind it.  I use my accommodation flipbook so much that it has to be laminated.  I don't laminate the classroom teachers because of laminating costs.  The cardstock and laminating has held up all year. 


Look below at how I created one large flipbook.  Since the Accommodations Made Easy Flipbook has two sections, I decided to make my flipbook back-to-back.  All I do is flip it over to see part 2 of the book.  I didn't want to have two separate accommodation books.  Having one large flipbook works wonders for me.

Part I and Part 2 are bound back-to-back:

How do I use it?
I use my flipbook in ARD meetings.  It is on the table or in my Principal Binder for all ARDS.   When we are deciding which accommodations to use, I flip through the flipbook to see if the student is eligible for that accommodation for that assessment.  I also use the flipbook during 504 meetings and RTI meetings.  
Head over to Teachers Pay Teachers and get the updated flipbook. 

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