STAAR Accommodations for Students

After a request from a school, I created this math flipbook for students.  It is perfectly sized and will be easy to implement for grades 3-5.  Let's take a look.

Texas Education Agency has strict rules regarding accommodations allowable on STAAR assessments.  You can read about Supplemental Aids on TEA's Website. 

 Refer to TEA's Supplemental Aid policy on the exact wording, as well as, criteria needed to receive this accommodation.  As you can see a student must be identified as Special Education or Section 504.  It's not that simple though.  The student must meet routinely, independently and effectively use the accommodations in the classroom.  That is why starting off the year with this flipbook is the best way to meet this need.  Introduce the Math Flibook to the student.  If the student is successful with thee tools, then that should be documented in the ARD or 504 meeting documents. 
 How I would recommend using this:
1.  Print on Astrobright paper if the student can handle the colors being selected.  Note- some students served in both Special Education and Dyslexia have visual/perception processing disabilities and the colors may not be suitable.  If so, just use white or a soft color.
2.  Laminate for durability.  Since students must use this accommodation routinely, it will hold up to the wear and tear.  Also laminating it, will allow the use of dry erase markers on it.  For example, the place value chart allows the student to fill in the chart and then answer any relating to place value.
3.  Assemble with a metal ring so you can add more tools to it as the student needs them.  This will also allow you to remove accommodations that are not working for the student. 
 There are several sections that allow the student to write notes or work out problems on the charts.

My campus has always used a math accommodation folder.  The folder can take up space on the table or desk.  The Math Flip Toolkit is printed on half pages and then assembled with a metal ring.

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