Staff Buffets at school-Yum

Well, I have always said summer is my favorite season.  I don't mind the Texas heat.  I just don't like the cold.  However, I do like all the comfort foods that come with a cooler season.  If you feel the same way and want to create a food bar for your campus, here are some great food ideas.  Just print and frame for the table or if running short on time just tape it to the door of the room.

Food Bars at school are great because it doesn't require everyone to make a variety of dishes.  Everyone knows exactly what's on the menu.  If your campus doesn't have a large budget, take up a small collection to feed the group or ask for volunteers to bring certain items.  If you have followed me for awhile, you know I might have a bit OCD in me.  Well, a bit OCD is saying it lightly.  I like organization even in my meals.  Laughing!  I just like everything to be set up, prepared and if possible always themed.  I guess my brain just works better that way.

Ok friends...I have been sharing a lot of items with you lately.  What are you doing on your campus?  I would love to hear from you!

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