The Need to Breathe

Oxygen is our lifeline.  Think about it.   When you experience a health emergency, the first thing you are provided is oxygen.   We need air.  It's the source of all living things.  We can only survive three minutes without oxygen.  Now with that all being said, let's relate that information to our jobs as administrators.

We need to be given a chance to breathe.  Sometimes the things we encounter each day can feel like the life is being sucked out of you.  At times during a given week, I would only encounter the negative, the bad, and the ugly moments in the form of angry parents, an upset teacher, disciplining of students, home visits that go terribly scary, students taken by CPS, a student loses a parent or sibling, and a teacher battling cancer or a loss of a family member, etc.  All of those things and so many more, weigh on your heart.  I tend to carry the burdens of those experiencing these events.  As administrators, we give so much of ourselves and sometimes we need to be rejuvenated and a breath of fresh air is given to us. 

How do you handle all of this on a daily basis?  I believe it is okay to say...I just can't some days.  It's okay to say it's hard.  If it was easy, you wouldn't have been the one for the position.  There are some things I have learned over the years when dealing with tough issues and that is to breathe.  Surround yourself with what's good in this world.  Celebrate what's going right.  Breathe and take notice of the goodness all around you. Connect with other administrators who can relate. 

My motto and tag line on this blog is Live, Lead and Learn.  Those three things sum up my philosophy.  Live each day to the fullest and cherish those in your life and the things that make your heart smile.  Lead fearlessly by giving your all and expecting nothing in return.  Learn all you can about everything your heart desires.

Breathe new life into your role as a leader.  Let's stay connected so we can inspire each other. 

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