Bad Day Good

Yesterday, I received two phone calls that I will never forget. 

A teacher called to tell me she is passionate about enrolling in a principal certification program because of me.  She said she has learned so much from me over the years and wants to be a school leader.  I held back the tears until the phone call ended some 30 minutes later.  This very day is now a #baddaygood. 

It doesn't stop there.  I received a second call from a former teacher who just received her principal certification assessment scores.  She passed!  I'm not surprised at all.  I'm just so excited for her and the impact she will make on a campus and in the lives of the students she will touch.  Another #baddaygood

Over the last 4 weeks, I have been very ill.  I have been fighting off an infection that is about to get the best of me.    Not really to that extent but it is enough to wear on my body.  Random Acts of Kindness can go so far.  The two phone calls I received were just what I needed to give me a boost and get me revived for today. 

Take a look at this video called #BadDayGood.  I watched it after reading Erica Bohrer's blog this morning. 

How can we randomly spread some kindness today?  Need a way to get started?  Here are some Random Acts of Kindness Cards. 

Let's hashtag #baddaygood   #raokprincipalprinciples

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