Christmas Gifts and Staff Morale

Are you searching for ways to show your staff, friends, neighbors and family members how much you care?  We all want to give our very best but not break the bank either.  Here is a nice treat from the heart.  It is a great idea and one that will be easy on the budget.  Not only is it practical but it shows them you cared enough to be creative and thoughtful.

Simply fill a tin with some goodies- cookies, fudge, or candy and share the love with someone.  I plan on baking some homemade sugar cookies and filling the tin.  I found a great recipe and pinned it on my Pinterest board.  I will share that link with you too.   Don't feel you have to bake if you are not a baker.  Purchased treats are nice too. 

 Recipe from Back To Her Roots
The Perfect Sugar Cookies
 I found the tins at Target and the cookie cutouts too.  The tins were $3 and the cookie shapes were $1.  I think that is a great deal. 
These tins are perfect for packaging your treats.  If you have a large campus and want to treat your entire staff, simply fill several tins and place them in the workroom or through out the campus.
Taking the time to let your staff know you care has a positive effect on morale.  Let's try and take some time this season to spread love to those in our lives.

 If you are shipping your tins, the items will hold up great in the metal container.  I would line them with tissue paper and tie a bow around the tin to add a special touch to it.  I plan on delivering some tins this week so I hope the cookie recipe is a great one. 
Get Treats in A Tin tag here.

More ideas for Christmas Gifts?  Check out these printables below:

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