Random Act of Kindness

November is a great month to show your co-workers you care. You can show your gratefulness to others through random acts of kindness.  Spread some love, kindness and appreciation to those around you.  It's the little things that matter.  There are so many budget friendly ways to show someone you care.  Some don't even cost you a dime.  I promise taking a minute each day to spread kindness will not only benefit the receiver but will bring so much cheer and happiness to you too.

Take a look at these Random Acts of Kindness tags.  Simply print and start a Random Act of Kindness marathon today on your campus.  You can print these and put in an envelope.  Start by performing a random act of kindness yourself and then leave the envelope for the next person to continue the same.  The acts of kindness can go on all month or all year. 

I created these for you.  It's my Random Act of Kindness for you!
Bring donuts to work.
Host a family in need for Thanksgiving.
Make a care package for a soldier.
Donate a book to the school library.
Share your lunch time with a co-worker.
Pay for the person behind you in the drive-thru.
Volunteer at school.
Take a co-worker to a movie or give out a movie ticket.
Take a co-worker's afterschool duty for the day.
Bring coffee/hot chocolate to the crossing guard.
Rake the neighbor's yard.

 Let's get social with Random Acts of Kindness this month!  If you download this file, share some pictures on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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