My Goals for 2016

I'm looking forward to 2016.  As I begin to set my eyes on the new year, I have set some personal and professional goals.  I'm sharing them with you in hopes that you keep me accountable.  That's what friends are for, right?

Goal #1 Finish what I started

I started writing two books and have never finished either one.  The first book is about data and the second is a children's book.  My goal is to finish the children's book first.  Hopefully, one day I will get it published.  After starting this process, I do admire all the authors out there who have accomplished this goal.  Oh how I envy you for accomplishing this dream.  #dreambig

 Goal #2 Build a stronger network of administrators

This blog has allowed me to meet amazing people all around the world.  It truly makes my heart smile to have connections and friendships with thousands of teachers, administrators and bloggers all over the world.  I want our friendships to grow stronger in 2016.  I want us to network together and share resources with each other.  Why not?  We can do so many great things together.  Stay connected with me so we can grow together in our administrative journey.  Besides this blog, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are beneficial platforms for us to interact.  When school leaders are involved in social networking, relationships are built.  When the relationships are stronger, schools will benefit.  It's a win-win.

 Goal #3 Create training videos for instructional leaders, coaches and school leaders.

Goal 3 is one that has been on my mind for about a year.  I don't know exactly what direction I plan on taking on this but it is on my bucket list.  I see the need for this type of professional development.  We need more opportunities as school leaders to watch professional development (PD) sessions in the comfort of our home or office.  However, I want this training to be relevant and from someone who actually understands what I do. So I was thinking, if I want something like this, then you probably do too, right?  To me, the perfect PD training course is engaging and resource filled.  

I don't need theory.  
I don't need textbook evidence.  
I get that.

I know the research behind it or I know how to Google it if I did need to know.  What we need is an action packed session and the attendees leave with an abundance of activities that can be implemented right away.  No more telling us what we should be doing and not giving us the resources to do it.

My training sessions will give you the ideas and all the printables so you can do turn-around-training on your campus right away.

What kind of training sessions would you like to watch?

 Goal #4 Healthy Life

This is probably the hardest for me.  I need to make this a priority and a habit.  Working out shouldn't be something I do when I have time.  It should be a routine in my daily schedule.  I want and I need that structure.  I just need to want it enough to stick with it more than just a few weeks.  I need your help pushing me to get back in the groove of things.  #exerciseisnotmything  #struggleisreal #ican #iwill  #cheerforme

What are your goals for 2016?  It's your turn to share with me.  Just comment below.
If you're a blogger, share on your blog and link back to me.  

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