Staff Christmas Party

 This is a look back at our staff Christmas party from 2014.  

Christmas Party 2014
We had the best time at our annual Christmas party.  The room was filled with sounds of laughter, Christmas carols and smells of delicious food.

 Our staff Christmas party was held at a Culinary Arts building.  My staff brought a special appetizer or dessert from home.  We had chips and dips, fruit, cheese trays, cookies, and so much more.  I took about an hour that morning to decorate the building with candles, pine cones, lights, and poinsettias.  I wanted to make this Christmas party extra special for the staff.  We needed to relax and have a good time. 

 Let's talk about the games!  I haven't laughed that hard in a long time.  We played a paper plate game.  Everyone was given a paper plate and a pen.  I told them to place the paper plate on their head and do not remove it to the end.  They had to draw what I told them to draw.
1.  Draw a line for the floor.
2.  Draw a Christmas tree.
3.  Draw a fireplace with a mantel and a fire inside the fireplace.
4.  Draw decorations to the tree.
5.  Add stockings to the mantel.
6.  Add a star on top of the tree.
7.  Draw gifts under the tree.

I truly wish you could see their pictures.  In all the fun, I didn't think to take a picture of it.  Most drawings looked like a two year old did it.

 Reindeer Games:  We started off with two teams.  I had a team and my PE coach/AP had a team.  We both picked 6 people from the audience.  The teams were given a pair of pantyhose, a red dot for a nose and 12 balloons.  Each team had to blow up all 12 balloons, stuff them in the panty hose, put it on our head and give us a red nose.  The team who completes this the fastest wins.  We came in just seconds behind Team Adam.  All participants took home a poinsettia from the table.
Other games played:
We sang the 12 days of Christmas which was edited for a "school theme."  This was funny because the words to the song fit our campus or school experiences.  For example, 8 data meetings, 5 late buses, etc...

My gag gift from the staff- a big box of cups for the workroom.  We are always running out of cups.  I think they are trying to tell me something.  Hey, money is tight, right?

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