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As I sit here this Sunday morning and write, I struggle to title this story for you.  I know by the end it will come to me.  The last couple of days I have been very observant of my surroundings and how blessed I am.  Not to say that all the other days I am not thankful and do not notice all the wonderful ways my life is fulfilled.  But it has become more of a "right-there" experience lately.  Let me tell you how it all started.

This week, I watched the Ellen Show.  I saw Caly Bevier, a 15 year old ovarian-cancer-survivor sing Rachel Platten's Fight Song.  Caly would sing this song while in chemo-therapy treatment.  It gave her the spark she needed to make it through the struggles she faced.  Caly had the opportunity to perform this song on stage with Rachel.

What a powerful message.  #inspiring

This experience helped me notice and reflect on all the situations people are facing and battling at this very moment.
  • The California shooting victims and their families
  • A former teacher having an emergency c-section at 31 weeks 
  • A friend battling cancer
  • A family waiting for heart treatment
  • A family struggling to make every dollar stretch while trying to figure out how to provide Christmas to their children
  • Families experiencing the loss of a family member during the holiday
The list goes on and on.   I'm sure you could add your own battles to this list or recognize some yourself.

The quote, "Be Kind; Everyone You Meet is Fighting a Hard Battle" is something we should always remember.  The battles are often invisible because we don't tend to broadcast our struggles.  Let's join together and pray for our friends, families and all the strangers that cross our paths.

I was out Christmas shopping this week and while in the aisle my buggy and another lady's buggy struggled to squeeze down the aisle. I said to her, "Good morning...let me move over." I was taken back for just a minute when she said, "Well, good morning to you too. You're the first person who has spoken to me all day." I then paused for just a minute and replied, with a "hope you have a great day and Merry Christmas to you."

It's the little things that matter. 
Rachel's song is empowering.  The battles we are facing will be won.  We can never give up.   You have a lot of fight left in you!  Keep kicking butt this week.

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