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Are you comfortable analyzing data with your teachers?  Do you know just what to ask?   Learning exactly what to ask teachers during data meetings develops over the years.  Analyzing data will also improve over the years. 

If you are not a data expert, I created Data Talks to make that process easier for you.  Trust me...I'm not saying I'm an expert by any means.  However, I love data and the power that it brings.  When you love something so much, you tend to research more about it.  I have been to some very good training over the years.  But I find these trainings not always practical.   

The trainer gives you the theory and reasons why data is important but does not give you the tools to  get it started.  We leave professional development and head back to our campus with data in hand.  We think to ourselves...Now What?  

Data Talks helps you take those ideas and implement them today.  

 Here are 48 question cards.  I printed them and laminated for durability.  I plan on using them at all data meetings.

I spent the morning laminating all my data talk question cards.  

 How to use the data question cards?

Data Discussion Stem Cards 

There are 48 cards with questions regarding student data. As you begin your data meetings, start off with question stems to get everyone thinking. Print these question stems on cardstock. Laminate and put on a metal ring. Choose a couple of them to begin conversations about the data. Option 2: Print several and display at different stations in your data room. Teachers answer the questions using the data displayed at that table. Teachers then share their findings with the group.

Ready to get started having more productive data meetings?   Do you need to spice up your meetings?  

Download Data Talks and receive several forms and question stem cards too!

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