Leadership Series eCourse {Interviews}

If you read my 2016 goals, you remember I mentioned starting a series of leadership topics in either video or e-course format.  After many hours of brainstorming with the hubs, I came up with our first course. 

Leadership Series 1:  Interviewing for a principal position

I have placed a section on my blog for you to locate all of the e-courses.  This is the only course that is available at this time.  I plan on having different topics for each month. Just click on the tab that says Principal Principles Series.  I also have links at the bottom of this page to take you directly to the website.

Interviewing for your first principal position can be scary.  We all get nervous when put on the spot.  Being prepared helps ease your nerves and helps you land your dream job.

January is the perfect time to begin prepping for a principal position.  Contracts are typically renewed in February.  You should begin to see positions appearing online in February.  This packet shares with you how to be prepared and what to expect. 

Let's take a look at what you will receive in this packet:

 You will receive over 50 interview questions.  Questions cover your philosophy of education, your mission, your entry plan, situational type questions, and climate/morale.  There is a space for you to take notes on each question card.

 Do you know what the roles and responsibilities consist of?  A principal's position covers many areas.  Are you knowledgeable about all the aspects of the position?

An e-Guide is included.  It gives you over 20 pages of resources.  For example, who to expect to be on the interview committee, questions your should not be asked, a look at my presentation, keywords to use in your resume and during your interview, what you should know about the district/campus you are interviewing with, what to bring with you to the interview and how to organize your files for online application submissions.

There are tons of pictures in the e-guide to help you.

Also available is your chance to join a Private Facebook Group.  It is not necessary but it is available if you want to ask questions to me or any of the other members.  Be the first to join this group!  

Ready to start the process of interviewing?  Take a look at the packet by clicking here.  The link will take you over to a website called GumRoad.  My e-courses will be located here.

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