STAAR Accommodations Made Easy- Printable Resources

The STAAR is quickly coming for 2016.  It is a rigorous state test for Texas students.  One of the best things Texas has done is allowed students with disabilities to have accommodations during the test.  However, understanding the basic principles of accommodations can be overwhelming.  Is this allowed? Who can have the accommodation?  Questions like this run through your mind.

{Note: The decision to use accommodations during state testing is made on an individual basis.  Take into consideration the needs of the student and whether the student routinely uses the accommodation during classroom instruction and testing.  In addition, the student must meet criteria set by T.E.A.} 

I have tried over the last couple of STAAR testing years to make accommodations easy for you.

The triangle on the Texas Education Agency has tons of information.  It can be printed and placed in a binder.  That is how I used to do it.  But one day I had a wonderful idea to make the triangle into a flip book.  It has made life so much easier for me and my teachers.

This is just the front side of the accommodation flip book.  It has two sides because there is too much information for one side.

How I use the flip book:  
I printed it on colored card stock (Astrobright).  Laminated the set and then used the comb binder machine to attach all the pages.
1.  As a principal, my flip book was with me in every ARD, every 504 meeting and every student intervention team meeting.  
2.  Teachers all had their own copies and could easy be prepared for meetings.  It also helped them complete the mountainous amounts of paperwork.

I just finished the STAAR Writing Toolkit.  It was designed with grade 4 in mind but I really think it could be used with grade 7 too.  

I made this easy for you to assemble.  Since the accommodations can't (or shouldn't) be the same for all students, you can put these pages in any order.  You can use all of the accommodations or just use parts of them.  The tabs at the bottom allow you to put the pages in any order.  

I would love to hear from you on what you do to stay organized with STAAR testing.  

I hope you find these resources a big help to you and your students.

{Another note of caution:  Just because it is okay to use accommodations for campus/district level testing does not mean it is allowed on state testing.  Please consult your district testing coordinator before using any accommodations}.

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  1. Do you still have this flipbook? The only thing I see on your blog is the writing accommodations.

  2. I'm also inquiring about he math flip book. i went to tpt but only got the
    Math Accommodations Made Easy- Build a Folder but does not look like the flip book.


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