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Have you ever thought about blogging?  Maybe you have asked yourself why do people blog?  First things first, let's begin with a little bit of info about the creation of Principal Principles.  I started blogging in 2012 as a way to connect with other school leaders.  Blogging has allowed me to learn from the best principals, school leaders and educators all over the world.  When I first started, I had no idea where to begin.  I just knew I needed some sort of space to be creative and so I just took the leap off into the blogging world with both feet.

First I began creating a blog using Google Blogger.  Some authors use Wordpress.  I use Blogger.  This is called your platform.  All you need to begin is a Google account.  If you don't already have an account, just create one.  It takes just a minute or two to set it up.  Blogger is free. Well, it's free unless you want to get our own domain (.com address).

Then, you need to pick your blog name.  This is called your domain name.  It's your website's address on the internet.  For example my blog is  Google is my host.  However, it can get more technical if you purchase your domain name and have a company host it for you.  Popular companies are GoDaddy and 1&1.  These are two of the most common websites for buying domain names.  A popular hosting company I have found is Blue Host.  Blue Host is a hosting company for Wordpress, if you decide to use Wordpress.  (Note: When I first started, I had a website and used 1&1.)  Both have great customer service.  You can't go wrong with either company if you go this route.

 Costs- A personal domain will cost around $15 a year and a hosting service is around $5-6 a month.
So if you want your .com address, you will  need to purchase your domain through companies such as GoDaddy and 1&1.

Ok...enough mumbo jumbo...Let's get to the good stuff.

After creating your account:
Step 1:  Open blogger.
Step 2:  Click NEW BLOG on the left side of your screen.
Step 3:  Name your blog (Be creative)
Step 4:  Pick a design (premade available)
Step 5:  Click Create Blog

You could stop there but no one wants a simple, plain blog.  It is a reflection of you so why not make it beautiful?  I learned all of that the hard way.  I tried to pick some premade templates as a design choice.  It just wasn't me.  I then tried to make my own.  That wasn't good.  It was one of those epic fails.

Then I found Theresa's store Always in Bluhm on Etsy. 
It wasn't by accident that I found her.  I located her blog after reading one of my fellow bloggers blog- School is a Happy Place.  Amber from School is a Happy Place had the same blog design that I currently have now.

All you do now is let your designer do his/her magic.  Theresa from Always In Bluhm logged into my account and made it beautiful for me.  Over the last three years, I have had her do some extras on the blog.  Amazing lady.

If you choose to stick with the premade templates, you are ready to go.  You can change at any time.  Maybe you are like me and want to give it a try before purchasing designs.  It worked for me for a few weeks and then I just needed something with more glitz and glam.  Some bloggers change their blog design every year.

Step 6:   Click New Post (a post is what you write...your blog entry)
Step 7:  Begin typing and sharing your thoughts.  When you are finished and happy with your blog entry, you can share it with the rest of the world.  Just hit Publish.  No one can see it until you publish it. 
Step 8:  Let your friends and family know about it by sharing it on social media.

This is just a step-by-step introduction into just getting a start-up blog.  There are so many more areas to touch on.  For example, adding high resolution photos, connecting with other bloggers, using hyperlinks, etc...

Just the basic today!

Join the blogging world with me.  I love it and I know you will too.  I'm such a blog stalker!  I have a few favorites that I can't live without.  I have some amazing blog friends that I have never met in person.  We chat almost daily via the internet (social media, text messaging, and Facebook messaging).  I read blogs instead of novels.  I read blogs as my "time away."  Hey, it works for me and I love what I do.

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