Accommodation Training and National Counselor's Week

Last week was National School Counselor Week!  How did you show appreciation to your school counselor?  Take a look at a reception for some amazing ladies.

Counselors are an integral part of the entire school community.  Counselors make an impact on students and families in the community.  They work along side of the teachers, parents and administrators by providing support and various resources.  

National Counselor's Week is a great time to show them we support and appreciate their work. 

I hope you took a few minutes to show your appreciation to your school counselor.

Texas state testing is here...full force...ready or not.   I had a great time presenting this week.  The presentation was over accommodations for students with disabilities.  I used a program on my computer called Slidedog.  It allowed me to poll the audience.  The participants keyed in their answers using their phone or iPad.

I wanted to make sure the accommodations made sense to them.  Instead of just reading the accommodation forms provided by TEA, I created student scenario task cards.  The group walked around the room and read each task card.  They determined if the student was eligible for the accommodation with the information provided on the card.  During the presentation, I asked them to share their answers and support their decision using the TEA documentation.

I think it was a success.  I had wonderful feedback after the presentation.

Trying to understand all there is to know about accommodations is overwhelming.  I have learned a few shortcuts to keep it all straight in my head.  However, it never hurts to have resources right at your fingertips.  Here is a flipbook I created a few years back that has made my life so much better.

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